Matt Jumps for his Ball
Matt loves to play ball!

Our Bouviers love to have fun!

Starting top left:

1. Poppy, 7 mos with her rope toy.

Matt retrieves his ball.

2. Shockie taking a break from Christmas shopping at Fashion Island to pose for a picture.

Amelia the constant gardener - is this work or play?

3. Callie running in the snow.

Poppy in Christmas box.

4. Kaleigha and Petunia celebrate a Birthday.

Tank at 10mos.

5. Tank and Shockie play in snow.

Poppy, Matt and Zoe pose for family portrait.

Our DeLux Bouviers aren't just show dogs. They love to have fun!

Poppy with Precious Matt retrieves ball
Shockie Xmas Amelia in the garden
Callie running in snow Poppy Xmas
Kaleigha and Petunia Tank 10mos
Shockie and Tank in the snow Zoe Matt and Poppy